We love public speaking! Due to busy schedules, our staff are not always able to fulfill speaking requests, but, fortunately, we have a talented bench of well-informed, trained volunteers who are ready to step in when we can't. You can learn more about our volunteer speakers below. Please fill out the fields at the right to share the details of your request with us and we will get back to you soon.


Beyond Plastics has a deep bench of dedicated volunteers who are highly educated about the plastics crisis and ready to speak to your organization about it.

All of our speakers have taken Judith Enck’s course on plastic pollution and passed a seven-week speaker’s training. They are passionately engaged with the issue and keep up with new developments. They come from many walks of life and most have expertise on related subjects, from ecology to microplastics research to public health policy. Read more about these fabulous speakers below and be sure to let us know if you’d specifically like to request one of them when you fill out the form on the right to share the details of your request with us.